Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Swimming anyone?

Yesterday I renewed my Personal Survival Training. Its supposed to be a lifetime certificate but hey ho - needs must. A morning in the classroom was followed by an afternoon flipping liferafts and making chains and groups across a pool before fitting 18 people in a liferaft made for 16 in the dark whilst being sprayed with cold hoses and having weather sound effects played LOUD. It was great fun although I was cream crackered afterward - I think its the concentration rather than the excertion although it is physically tricky. I was in the bottom third in the class to be honest although that was probably due to half the class being made up of marines who were leaving the forces to do marine security on tankers in the Gulf of Aden. So from the rest I was above the giffers and gimmers and fatties but below a couple of sprightly 20 year old pleasure sailors (aye aye!)

Slightly dodgy photo that I robbed that illustrates what we did

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