Monday, 26 September 2011

Buff-breasted Bugger all

Went up to Flamborough for the Buff-breasted Sandpiper this morning and by the sounds of things it bugged out just after I arrived to sheep field unknown. Que sera. I did have a pleasant walk in the sun and some nice views of Wheatears and Meadow Pipits.

I've got a Buff-breast
A few Yellow Wagtails were knobbing about on the short grass and at least three Kestrels blogged about but little else was achieved.

Certainly not scarce
Yesterday with ma famille I went up to Wykeham for a walk with Forge Valley providing the standard Nuthatch and Marsh Tits. There was also a Treecreeper sitting about for a while. Apologies for the superbad image.

Along the stream we managed a party of Bullfinches and some more Marsh Tits. Suddenly all the pigeons exploded over the ravine (metaphorically of course). A mid sized accipiter glided across the valley showing a gleamy white undertail and extensive fine barring plus rounded tail corners - a fine male Goshawk. Chuffed to bits we headed up to Wykeham. Once up in the forest we had lots of finches buzzing about with big red oves and small green ones the order of the day. About 250 Siskin  pratted about backward and forward between trees whilst more sedate a group of 50 ish Crossbills were spread thinly across the clearing at the viewpoint.

Bad crosser pic

We ventured to the raptor (or rapture) viewpoint but in light rain saw little of the valley and gave up. Dotting the path were these delightful fungi - like fly agaric but without spots. I have no idea.

From an entomology viewpoint today was pretty reasonable with good numbers of common butterflies, especially Small Tortoiseshell and this little Dragonfly.

female Ruddy Darter?

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