Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Fin Whale Calf in the Humber

Yesterday this whale calf was rescued from Immingham Harbour. Initially ID'd as a Minke it is pretty obvious that its a bit big if its a calf - 10.6m, when adult Minke's weigh in at 9.8m. In addition it shows no white band on the flipper. Re-identified as a calf Fin Whale which makes more sense but pics only show one side of the head (which is dark). Fin whales are assymetrically marked on their jaws which means they show a light side and a dark side. This would I guess be the clincher in a young calf. Unfortunately its not particularly hopeful for the calf as it has remained near Immingham for most of the day but we shall see what tomorrow brings. Thanks for the picture go to Jon Butterfield, one of the rescue divers who helped refloat the leviathan. If it is refound or rebeaches I will be twitching it!

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