Monday, 7 March 2011

Collective Noun

Does anybody know the collective noun for Yellowhammers? A cheese of Yellowhammers? A lemon of Yellowhammers perhaps. Who knows? I only ask as I could have applied it to my garden today when at least 5 birds were present amongst the Goldfinches. I managed a quick snap of one of the two males, although my camera steamed as I had left it in the car...

Also as promised a few photos from the 'Great Voyage'


Some Sea

intermedius Lesser Black-backed Gull

I did go to have a bash at the North Landing Lapland Buntings but was foiled as I was wandering round Breil Nook - my daughter was poorlyish, could I come quick to cheer her up/look after her. You may wonder why I wasn't doing that myself - I managed to negotiate a morning to chill and recuperate post voyage. Here is a Starling from North Landing.

Breeding Plumaged male


Bryan Rains said...

No idea of thee collective noun but Scribblers is a nice term for them.

James said...

Scribblers is a cracking term - due to their eggs looking like a child has taken a pen to them I believe.

How birds and brains become mutually exclusive

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