Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Ringing Returns

I have just had a host of colour-ringed Icelandic Black-tailed Godwit sightings processed. I have converted them to Google Maps for some easy viewing.

Bird 1 was ringed in Northern Iceland in June 2006 as a chick. It has been seen sporadically over the next 5 years on the French Atlantic coast and in Essex & Lincolnshire.

View RO-LR in a larger map

Bird 2 was ringed as a chick in July 2007 and has been seen for long periods in North Norfolk as well as on the humber (where I have recorded it twice) & in a different area of Iceland to its natal area plus atlantic France.

View RO-LRflag in a larger map

Bird 3 was seen by my boss in March last year at Paull Holme Strays and is a younger bird, being ringed as a chick in Iceland in 2009. It has only been recorded in eastern England with sightings on the Humber as well as at Cley Marshes and Welney, Norfolk.

View RY-RRflag in a larger map

Bird 4 was originally ringed as a pulli in 2009 and has been recorded many times on the humber with an additional sighting at Boyton Marshes, Suffolk.

View RY-YRflag in a larger map

I have another couple of birds to draw maps up of. These were English ringed Icelandic birds so I will post them soon.

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