Thursday, 31 March 2011


Was at my site in North Lincolnshire yesterday. Forgot my camera sadly but the weather was crap so the photos would have been worse than the usual dross. Yes really. Highlights were few with no colour rings of Black-tailed Godwits and numbers down generally. Two Grey Partridges on the pidgey salt marsh were a surprise although I have seen Red-legeed here and my trip to Titchwell last month should have taught me to expect anything where these guys are concerned.

On the wader front, my first Knot in ages on site was a nice surprise although it was an aberrantly plumaged bird (was trying to turn it into a Great Knot for 30 minutes). Bar-tailed Godwits were the star of the show. Very few winter on the middle estuary but there seems to be a decent spring passage and they were easily the commenst wader at high tide. And well thats it. Its was raining and damp. I did however very much enjoy listening to the cricket. Well done to the Indians and it was good to hear Pakistan being competitive again after all the strife that they have gone through. Bring on the final.

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