Monday, 24 August 2009

Tick amongst other things

Here are a few pictures from ringing on saturday.

Yesterday I went to a Barbeque at Wheldrake and saw a couple of Swifts and i think these are my latest ever in the UK (23rd August). Pretty cool anyhow. Other than that it was a bit of a brain deadener as pregnant women bladdered on and bored men drank beer to blot out their meaningless and depressing lives, further ruined by the fact we were all missing the finale to the ashes, Spurs winning and the formula 1. And there was no 3G reception.

To make up for this today on returning from another day at the coal face I went to see the osprey at Hornsea Mere and whilst I did see it, you needed ESP to enjoy the bird at what must have been 1.5 miles distance. More rewarding were the 8 Little Gulls which suddenly mushroomed into 100 or so and were ever increasing in number dip feeding away.
Thoughtid take a pic of the view which contained the osprey - imagine a dot in the sky on the left hand side and you get the idea. Also a typical mutant goose.

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How birds and brains become mutually exclusive

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