Tuesday, 18 August 2009


That is the colour of the flava wagtails head that shot off from the lock-up west of Nafferton whilst I was commuting home. Not seen a male before - seen presumed females and a distant channel wag so a very nice find in my own village. Also a few knocking about at Spurn so presumably a wide and thin arrival filtering south. When I went back I could only find bog standard flavissima and females at that.

Also today we had our ante-natal class - after the weekends fright only to be told that the baby is 5lb already we were ready for it and we now know the score for the real thing. Hopefully it stays put for another three weeks but we will be happy either way. Luckily you dont have to do the breathing exercises anymore. Oh and I finished the nursery - will get a pic on here when the border is on and the furniture is in. Not that you care!


Tim Allwood said...

Hi James

best of luck with everything! Ours was nearly two weeks over - the waiting is the worst part.

Seven months on, I can honestly say it doesn't get in the way of birding - much. Certainly gets you up nice and early...

James said...

Hi Tim - thanks for the encouragement. Cant wait at the moment. Fully expect the baby to go the 2 weeks over but thats not such a bad thing in October?

Its not the baby I expect to get in the way of it but another string to my wifes bow when trying to find reasons why I shouldnt be stomping round flamborough head. Hope your little one is sleeping through this autumn!

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