Wednesday, 26 August 2009


Today is a definite liquorice day - theres all sorts to talk about. Lets start at the beginning - went to Gourmet Burger Kitchen in York last night to see a couple of mates. Nice food(in fact ridiculous burgers with garlic, mayo, bacon, avacado, beetroot, relish, lots of beef and a bit of lettuce) and excedingly good company. On the way home we were ascending Garrowby Hill when it finally happened - I saw a non-deceased badger. Some nifthy driving by my wife ensured it stayed that way as a lovely adult crossed the road leisurely. Elated we drove home. An inevitable spot eventually as I regularly see roadkill in the same place. This was my wife and I's first ever badger so all round smiles.

Today I have been mostly assembling the nursery which is coming on leaps and bounds as you can just about make out.

Spurs won in the Carling cup by lots which always pleases me and on a more birdy note there is a Great White Egret at Hornsea Mere so lets hope I can get rid of a bit of a tart (and get a better look at the Osprey). Autumn is definitely here...

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