Sunday, 30 August 2009

Happy families

I was persuaded by my loving wife to drop any pretensions of going birding today to instead go for a walk on the beach. Immediately I suggested that Barmston would be a good idea as it would not be as busy as Fraisthorpe - her destination of choice. Obviously the better birding on offer at Barmston had nothing to do with my reasoning but I did take my bins just in case. I forgot my camera sadly and left my phone in the car so I cant provide you with an image of the female flava wagatail that was associating with the subadult Pied's on the cliff-top. It showed down to a couple of feet and seemed likely to be a Blue-headed but ruling out thunbergii (or anything else) would be impossible on my limited knowledge.

Also seen offshore were a small group of feeding Sandwich Terns and a handful of Cormorants.

Pretty quickly my wife, who now approximates a small country in surface area (due to pregnancy), needed to pee so we returned to the car. I suggested Hornsea Mere as the next port of call and my wife agreed so long as we visited Hornsea Chavport first. After an hour of looking at cheap crap and being aurally assualted by sub-human shaved monkeys we headed on to the mere. Very little doing save for a couple of huddled juvie Dunlin. No sign of the Egret or of any Little Gulls/Terns/Ospreys/Garganey etc. Angela needed to wee (for the fourth time) so we set off for my parents abode. Im just chuffed i managed to con a bit of birding out of my wife!

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