Tuesday 1 July 2008

Tour de farce

Oh bugger, i forgot to finish the scotland trip writeup. Bugger it - there is a full picture version on Marcus Conway's website and i wrote half of it so that'll do. There are some super pics and we nailed everything basically. Heres the link - http://www.freewebs.com/ebirder/blog.htm. Also just spent a week on one of the Clyde Islands, Great Cumbrae in fact. Was doing some research into Hoodies/Carrion Crows and also the spread of Japanese Knotweed Fallopia Japonica. Considering writing the Knotweed stuff as a full paper but we shall see. Birds of note included plenty of Hoodies and hybrids/intergrades, Black Guillemots, an unstreaked acro which would have been the 6th Reed Warbler or more likely the 2nd Marsh Warbler for Ayrshire (so im told) but i was too busy looking at the upland heath I was on at the time. Had a big fall of north eastern Willow Warblers, seemingly all this years crop. Pair of Ravens cavorted over the research station and a few Buzzards made up the numbers and I think thats it. Bailed on the latest Yorkshire meet on BF subsequently dipping the first yorks meet found rare (old money) in the form of Black Kite. Bar stewards. Might do some ringing soon. Might not. Did you see Father McKinney made the papers - good skills.

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