Tuesday 15 July 2008

Start me up

At a secret location somewhere between Humanby and Rudston 2 men were trying to find an undiscovered gem of a ringing site. This may have been achieved in a copse backing onto an old quarry which looks incredible for migrants being a mile or so from the clifftops of filey and with enough habbo to hold stuff in. Should be rare warblers everywhere come september/october. As it is today we were flattening the rides and planning where to place nets. I got stung by nettles lots. Ringing results were average to bloody awful with a pair of dunnocks, a robin and a Willow Warbler (which hit the net 3 times!). Birds seen around the nets included some Stock Doves, Bullfinches and a female Redstart stood on one of the net loops inside the pole. Rats! Going again next week.

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