Saturday, 19 July 2008

Miserable shits

Ive got something thats nagging at me and for a change its not my wife. Im in no way a grumpy old man, Im a happy positive, chipper kind of bloke but Im pissed off. Too many miserable old fuckers in birding are moaning about everything. Apparently you cant use birding slang or your a tosser. Unless the slang is acceptable jargon approved by said birder. Well, no fuck off you miserable shit a sprosser is a sprosser cos thrush nightingale is a crap name. Ickys and Melodies are just contractions. Its gonna happen. The punks make some good points on their blog and the real elitists are those that whinge about this languages use. Its only excluding if you chose not to use it. Dipping and being gripped off are acceptable descriptives. Are we not supposed to have any terminology to describe our complex and bizarre hobby. Political correctness gone mad (I should write for the Daily Mail, Richard Littlejohn eat your heart out). Also there are some bloody negative souls on Birdforum and as a regular user im sick of them pointing out why something is not necessarily right (not wrong). Get a life. I like to view things as possible, just because your a cynical old shit doesn't mean I dont want to believe in father christmas or that a Stork/Duck is wild. Rarr!

p.s. made a winning debut for Nafferton CC last night and we kncked off 64 for the loss of 3 wickets and I finished on a princely 4*. Lets hope it goes nicely tomorrow!

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