Friday 4 July 2008

Honey, i bigged the buzzards!

Well it finally happened. After many attempts I nailed not one but 2 Honey's in a quick raptor watch at Wykeham. For those that dont know (or frankly, care!) I have been to Wykeham numerous time, spent hours at Great Ryburgh and even seen a 99% probable on the Dutch/German border whilst shitfaced (that record was judged unsafe in the 2007 review as i was 16 hours into a pan-european binge drink and couldn't talk). Anyhow - rocked up and a load of birders from barnsley were there having seen FA all morning. Within 5 minutes I get on a female(?) honey with ginger barring which sat across the valley until suddenly disappearing. Up comes the reason. A Gos is giving a Common Buzzard a hard time. 20 minutes later a Spitfire is practising for a big airshow (so im told) when we all latch on to a male (?) Honey Buzzard with fine grey barring on its chest a nice long tail, no chest band or commas etc etc which stayed up for a good 5 minutes giving mint views. More Common Buzzard and Goshawk sightings followed plus some heard only flyover crossers and siskin. Winner. No F**kin Black Kite tho.

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