Monday, 21 July 2008

Mott the Hoopoe

For some reason I decided to check my emails as i strolled to my car coming home from work today, and most fortuitous it was too. A Hoopoe on my way home - this being the 2nd sub-rare from my commute and there was no success with the RC Starling. Luckily I fared better today as a very obliging and oblivious Hoopoe grubbed around in a farmers yard amongst some trailers. I watched it for about half an hour constantly feeding. Apparently it has been present for 4 days and it hasnt been heard to call yet so perhaps its a female.

Yesterday I also did some birdwatchering, dipping the RC Pochards at North Cave but finally finding the Little Owl tree and getting distant views. Another North Cave tick in the form of Corn Bunting, singing away was cool. Other birds of note were a kettle of 4 Buzzards of the hills and a juv. Common Tern being fed small Roach at the bottom of the hide I was sat in was quite cool. Less notable were the numpties flushing everything off of reedbed lake by blundering off track past fishing pegs and right in to the middle of the reserve. Nobs.

Off to Egypt (Sharm-el-Sheikh) on Sunday but ringing tomorrow plus gonna try and gets some photos of the Hoopoe in the PM so maybe another post before I go away. We shall see!

Here is some Mott the Hoopoe for your delectation:

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Dale Forbes said...

I can only presume the hoopoe was elusive and did not allow itself to be photographed...
show us if you did get a photo - I love hoopoes. and they are very very funny in the hand!

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