Tuesday, 9 June 2015

30 Days Wild #Day 9

Today has been the most fun! I have been doing an education day at Seascale Primary School where we took them down to the beach for some wildlife and nature based activities. My role has been to do some 'bird spotting' with them so I set up and easy survey and a short walk and the kids aged 7-8 were all exceptional fun. We didn't manage to see a huge diversity but we did manage to get them all using some binoculars and showed some of the cool species that live on their doorsteps (and split seagull into at least 4...)

The best bit was the three Curlews heading south and then asking the kids to look for the adaptations and the colouring, explaining their ecology and also playing them some calls to show them where the name comes from. I also managed to find plenty of lugworm casts to highlight what they eat and what the huge bill is for. No photos of the day as it was a school class but later...

Tonight I did a bat survey and managed to see 6 species of bat including my first Nathusias's Pippistrelle. Additionally I saw my first Natterjack Toads and Water Scorpions.

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