Sunday, 3 July 2011

Local Cream Crown

Went for a listen of the local Quail this evening. One bird was calling in the field adjacent  the meadow where they had been which has now sadly been mown. This perhaps illegal cutting will probably have waylaid the first broods but hopefully now they are in the Barley they can get some young off. A mid-sized bird of prey with a shallow tail fork caused minor pant filling. Its actual identity was a Marsh Harrier heavy tail and wing moult with new central tail feathers. Minor palpitations subsided.

On returning an aquatic mustelid crossed the river but sadly slipped into reeds before I could get a proper handle on it. Gut feeling was Otter but honestly not good enough views to do anything more than speculate. Dammit. Before I got back to the car I watched a family group of at least 6 Mistle Thrushes feeding on the cut hay meadow. An Oystercatcher kleep'd over head along with a couple of Tufted Duck heading up river. A Little Grebe was whinnying on the river.

Mistle Thrush - honest, it rattled when it flew

In the garden a pair of Song Thrush and at least 1 young bird continue to forage in the garden along with a persistant Wren.

A Hoverfly was pratting about on the trellis. Any ideas on species gladly received.

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James said...

Seems my hoverfly is a female marmalade fly.

How brains and birds become mutually exclusive