Friday, 22 July 2011

Blurry Inverts

I have attempted mothing using no moth trap a couple of times over the last week. It mostly involves a lamp, my old labcoat and painting a mixture of boiling water, sugar and tia maria (we cant stand the stuff - got to use it somehow as its been in my wife's possession as long as I have and is still 2/3's full) on the fence.

Success thus far has been mixed BUT there have been a few bits and pieces of interest including a Common Plume Moth

a footman sp.

Plus a Caddis Fly, Limnephilus lunatus

And a Dung Beetle Aphodias rufipes

And finally this unknown moth - the closest I can get is Marbled Beauty but doesn't seem quite right.

Any clarifications most welcome - apologies for the picture quality as I only have my iPhone camera to use at the time. Two new additions to the garden mammal list taking it to three were Pipistrelle sp (presumably Common) and Noctule. The other is of course Rat. Bumsy.


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