Monday, 7 February 2011

Spain in April

I am currently in the logistics stage of another trip to south-eastern Spain. I'm drawing up my targets and trying to  generate the gen. Whilst doing so I stumbled on this blog for Aquila Bird Tours which seems to be based bang in the area I visit. Their blog is regularly updated with stuff from the Costa Blanca, Murcia and further afield. I am unlikely to book a trip as I know the area now and am preparing for a days birding out of area but thoroughly recommend them on the basis of access to El Hondo and the grasp of the local scene if you happen to be out there.

The effects of Steroid Abuse

If you have any gen on anything bar wetland species (pretty much got that covered on previous trips) send me an email or something. Albacete & Murcia are my prime targets for steppe stuff. Back to the planning...

P.S. going to Killingholme tomorrow so a proper blog post then.

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