Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Linc'd In

Was back at Killingholme today - it was a glorious day but sadly the birds on survey didn't seem to agree... Very poor numbers which I can't disclose for legal reasons. The light was amazing for photographs but sadly I managed to break my camera (temporarily, thankfully).

Black-tailed Godwit was the one bird to buck the trend with returning birds certainly doing that. I would have known where they were returning from BUT the colour-ringed bird decided to stay out of range. Nothing of note on the pits either which was a disappointment.

I was happy to be out with the wearther - reaching a scorching 12 degrees. Last time 12 was on my cars thermometer it had a minus in front. Rather bizarrely a number of walkers passed through my site today - all 60-something tall men with beards accompanied by weathered, spindly spouses. I wonder if there was some sort of formal 'thing' in the doing as walking through post-industrial waste-land, flanked by car park wouldn't be my idea of a good walk. Birdwatching I get, boat watching I can understand, but walking when there is a deficit of 'pretty'. Hmm.

I moved on to South Ferriby before I headed back over the bridge for another crack at the Rough-legged Buzzard. This took a while to show but quickly my eyes were drawn to a small harrier - a ringtail Hen Harrier in fact being chased into the distance by a Carrion Crow only marginally smaller than itself. Rather closer and somewhat disproving my theory that they had gone extinct was a very showy Barn Owl hunting the rough ground 100 metres away. It landed and as I was getting ready to take shots of it on the deck it was away, leaving the unfortunate vole on the ground (not flushed by me I can asure - traffic seemingly). I managed to squeeze off a few photos and the following was the best of them.

I'm not dead!

Whilst waiting for the buzzard to appear I noticed the 'Roe' Deer on Read's Island had plate like antlers. DOH!!! I'd not noticed that they were in fact Fallow Deer last time out. Very distant views were had. A small skein of Pink-footed Geese overflew. Then bosh the Buzzard was back. It seemed to just slip in although in truth it then spent ages farting around on the floor so may well have been just out of site. It stayed pretty distant the whole time but a brief foray out of silhouette allowed me to get a slightly better shot than last time out.

Better but still not worth a click really.

The light was failing so I pushed off. Apparently there are Waxwings at uni. Will take the camera to work...

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