Thursday 3 September 2009


Grabbed a quick/wet/cold seawatch at flamboro head this evening between 17.40 - 19.00. A few interesting bits. 2 Arctics including a pale phase I picked up. I managed to see 1 Sooty briefly and distantly yet missed the closer bird. Also managed to miss a couple of Little Terns that went past. A steady stream of Manx Shearwaters contained a Balearic just as I was leaving but I couldnt find it in the rain and mist. Ne'ermind. A few commics went past. Over the land 3 Swifts were about and a Whinchat was lonely on a fencepost - some evidence of passage! A party of recently fledged Stonechat in Bay Brambles reminded that autumn on land is only just getting underway.

The most impressive thing of all was the entrance I made - sliding down the cliff face infront of the various seawatching luminaries of flamboro.

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