Sunday, 20 September 2009

Hey Ratty

My wife is very Ratty at the moment. She is over 39 weeks pregnant and just wants 'it' out. This (funnily enough) has a knock on effect on my birding. Im not allowed to Spurn as it would take too long to get back from there if/when it all kicks off. So several lifers over the last two days have been ignored. Instead this morning I slept in and shot off to Tophill Low to check out the report of two female/juv Yank Wigeon. No sign so I gave the reservoirs a scan - lots of Great Crested Grebes, a flyover Greenshank and 4 Buzzard were the sum total. And a severe dissing of Ringing at Tophill Low by a few people. Can I say here (and I will repeat on the ringing blog) Ringing at Tophill Low is NOT affiliated with the Hull Valley Wildlife Group. Also if you have any issues with the the ringing blog please leave a comment on the blog. The children involved are handling birds legally under strict supervision and have been around ringing since they were toddlers.

On another note - my wife and I went for a stroll this evening around the village and found 2 Water Voles whilst crossing the village beck. Very close and confiding and we didnt need bins. Amazing. Still no baby.

Also thanks to Michael Flowers for the

pictures of the Water Voles


Dale Forbes said...

great photos.

congrats on the about-to-be-hatched young one! might I suppose "it" will grow up with a good ringing education too?


The Birder With No Name said...

'it' may well be quite involved in such schemes. Obviously not featuring in any blogs with ringing involved, nor will its involvement be endorsed by the Hull Valley Wildlife Group. Sorry thats a cheap shot...

On a lighter note - love some of the stuff you have done in Africa this summer Dale.

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