Monday, 29 June 2009


You may have noticed a lack of photos in the recent blog posts (and a lack of posts) - sadly whilst photographing orchids in Wykeham forest it has deigned to go missing and I cant figure out where. On the upside - the much superior camera I 'lost' last year turned up in my wifes boot hidden under umpteen tonnes of crap. Hopefully when the lead that connects the camera to the computer is replaced we will be photographically operational again. Until then I will give occasional crap updates and possibly nick a photo or two if I twitch anything good. As it is I have mostly been winning at cricket rather than birding but as ever in this neck of the woods you cant avoid good birds and a family party of long-tailed tits are currently buzzing round my back garden. Earlier I had to avoid a Red-legged Partridge and a Hare whilst a gorgeously dark Barn Owl floated about. Its a hard life. Best of all was a male Blackbird that helped me dig my new flowerbed.

On a life perspective a few developments - the wife is now over 27 weeks pregnant - we are in the third trimester baby - and boy does baby kick. Ive just started a part-time temporary job to tide me over until I get an ecology job. Not too long hopefully. And autumn migration has started with waders asunder, not that I have had the time to look. As for the sport. Oh and somebody called Jackson died?

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