Saturday, 20 June 2009

Nights like these

I have to admit I approached tonight with a little trepidation. It was cold, windy and the forecast was showers. As it was it was clear as a bell with hardly a cloud in the sky. Was still freezing though. Tonight i was taking my parents up to Wykeham forest to look for nightjars. Before this though I had searched the fields around Bracey Bridge for a Dartford Warbler - about the 5th or 6th for the county. As t turned out it was unsuccessful but I did see the rest of the East Yorks bf chapter (herein known as Satan's Slavs). A few birds were seen there (not counting those that were dogging).

I shot along to pick up my parents and we were in place up at Wykeham for about 9.40. By 10pm between 4-6 Woodcok were pottering about affording amazing views in flight very close. Large bats, seemingly Noctules were pottering about and plenty of insects were up but no Nightjars. At 10.40 I had given up on the site as it had become a bit too overgrown. We drove toward Sawdon and I shouted to my dad to stop opposite the raptor watchpoint as I could hear something. We jumped out and sure enough two Nightjars were churring. Too late for sightings but good heard onlys for my parents and some valuable gen for the bf meet on sunday. fingers crossed.

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