Saturday 4 July 2009

I got a degree

Found out on Wednesday that im the proud owner of a BSc Biology with Ornithology Higher Second Class Degree. Apparently i nailed my last few modules finishing with an average of 68.2% a mere 1.3% from achieving a 1st. Rats. Im super chuffed as during the last three years I have worked 25 hours/week, got married, moved house and my wife has been pregnant since christmas so a lot of other stuff going on. Added to that a vibrant and full life of socialising, birding and cricket and it doesnt leave much time for study! Also a rather alluring job has arisen in Brid - lets hope ive got what they want!

On the birding side very little going on im afraid due to other commitments but im keeping the powder dry for september when i have to nail the last 5 lifers to get to 300 before my baby arrives. Hopefully should get parakeet as we are at a wedding in richmond late summer. That leaves 4 more.


P said...

Unless you walk through Richmond Park with your eyes shut and cotton wool in your ears you won't miss the parakeets...

Well done on the 2:1!

Pam said...

Well done, worth all the hard work in the end!

Thing said...

Congrats on the degree!

I agree with Pete, you will see Parakeets without trying.

James said...

I think the biggest threat to seeing the parakeets is my baby and whether it arrives early.

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