Monday, 1 June 2009

No Students Here!

Im no longer a student as I finished my last exam today. Whilst the others go crazy by drinking until they are sick or coming out of the closet as one did today (least surprising thing in the world) im taking it steady with a few beers and my good wife watching a crap film. An exam in freshwater fisheries was relatively inoffensive if not downright amenable. Fingers crossed!

I called in at Swine Moor on the way home. Two small teal shaped ducks turned out to be Teal and not the hoped for Garganey. Not a lot else to be honest a distant white bird could have been egret/gull or tern but the heat haze ate it. On returning home an addition to the garden list started singing from next doors roof - a Common Whitethroat which proceded to songflight. Magic. I trolled off to my mums after this and on my return a couple of large fat brown things on the wires resolved to be Corn Buntings. Its a regular spot but a route i dont take often enough. Will have to repeat it as i have seen yellow wag there before also.

Now all i have to do to finish my reinvention as an ecologist is get a job.

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