Thursday, 17 April 2008

A not very secret location somewhere in the Lower Derwent Valley...

My XBox addiction hasn't stopped my birding urges totally so that when the news of a pair of full breeding plumage Black-necked Grebes surfaced at a secret location in the LDV (Bank Island, best seen from Cheesecake) I was there within 40 mins. Pair of right fine birds and a plumage first for me. Watched em for 10 mins and had them as a site tick. Another site tick in the shape of a pair of Ruddies distracted me and I lost em. Now having just seen several thousand BNG in Spain you would have thought that this would have a somewhat hollow ring to it but no I was very happy. However if I had visited the other 'secret location' in West Yorks (would say but it hasn't been broadcast unlike my ones which were all over birdguides as was another down the road) then maybe it wouldn't have felt so good. Hope the water stays on so that these guys can breed but I doubt it. At uni now. Bottled going to Spurn during my break to catch up with Firecrest GWTeal and BlackRed. Its a long way for a quick smash and grab. Maybe next week.

P.S. win ratio for PES improving on XBox Live and currently on second mission for Gears of War. Definitely still a chainsaw newb.

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