Thursday, 10 April 2008

Holy Scaup Batman!

Well it appears that the powers that be on birdforum have decided that the Lark is indeed a Thekla. Gonna have to study those larks a bit harder next time im in Spain. Got out birding today, which was nice!, called in at North Cave Wetlands where I got my first self found Scaup. Also loads of Avocets and year ticks in the form of Sand Martin and Black-tailed Godwit. Also a couple of Pink-feet including one with a large facial tumour. Not pleasant.

Last night I wrote an essay. 1,500 words on food labeling (WTF?!?). Then even though I saved it on multiple occasions it dissappeared into the ether leaving me with my 500 word draft. So I was cracking on until midnight a very dispirited young man. this may sound trivial but when you've had to knock out nearly 8,000 words in a week its a right shitter! Even better was the fact that I celebrated finishing the first copy with a glass (is it still a glass if your glass holds half a bottle?) of Pinot Grigio. Had to write the repeat through an alcohol induced haze - can see myself doing well on that then...

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