Friday, 18 April 2008

46 Stone Man

Have you ever seen a 46 stone man? I have, its very worrying. Cant say anything else due to legal reasons but dont get that big (how do you?). Its not good for you.

Back to birds, a Common Crane in the LDV convinced me to have a detour home from uni - no sign from the bridge at Wheldrake but a nice male Merlin feeding not 50 metres away was great. A year tick, my first in ages and a site tick. Winner! Tootled down to Thorganby Ings where there was a very nice Whimbrel, another year tick and very little else. A flock of distant wagtails seemed to contain only pied type birds, no yellows or white's but was at about 1/4 mile so difficult.

Worked last night despite having simply devastating toothache - note to self MUST get a new dentist. Gonna be off sick today - just cant sleep. Oh well, on the upside at least im not working my birthday (19th). Adios amigos.

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