Monday, 21 April 2008

Black Lark - no chance

Car was in for MOT today (it failed) so no chance of going for the Norfolk crippler. Instead a leisurely un back home after uni was rudely interrupted by two Red Kites away from their regular haunt. One passed over me by about 6 foot. Was almost scary. At North Cave a quick trundle relised a few site and year ticks - 2 Whimbrel with Curlew were nice (both site ticks), plus a few Yellow wags bouncing round the fields. A Tree Pipit popped its head out of the grass to entertain me showing its 'ear spot' and big thick bill. Still no LRP. Apparently one bugged out as I arrived. Checked the gulls for reported meds but no luck. Also a couple of LBBG about and loadsa Avopigs. I LOVE SPRING. Off to Aberdeen on thurs which is nice!

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