Thursday, 3 November 2016

Please Object to the Proposed YWT Spurn Visitor Centre

Some folks may be used to my usual inane witterings but please take a moment to consider objecting the Yorkshire Wildlife Trusts visitor centre at Spurn which they have submitted for planning consent to EYRC.
It may seem like something I would support but this development will destroy habitat, displace users and be an eyesore out of keeping with the Holderness coast whilst being at risk of flooding constantly in order to monetize one of the most special places in Yorkshire.
The project is a work of ego for Rob Stoneman of the trust and whilst I am a member I object whole heartedly. I want a visitor centre at Spurn but not this design in this location. I like a latte as much as the next person but it should be in a suitable development, working with stakeholders not alienating the anglers, birdwatchers and residents of Kilnsea.
Please take a moment to object as consultation ends on the 11th November and the trust continue to whitewash those of use who care deeply about the area.

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