Friday, 11 November 2016

Waistcoat Wearing Crow

Hooded Crow - Barmston
After distant views a fortnight since I managed some close views of the Barmston Hooded Crow this morning as it fed just north of the caravan park. A few commentators noted that perhaps a hybrid couldn't be ruled out from the distance it was viewed from initially. Whilst I didn't have too many doubts it was certainly nice to get close views and some workable photos. The bird was silvery grey although the tone is hard to work out in such strongly lit shots. The crow also didn't show any flank streaking or in the UTC's thankfully.

I caught up with the crow just as I was leaving. As I arrived on the beach however I was surprised to see a large, all white gull. It was a beasting 1st winter male Glaucous Gull which was just my second record for the site after a second winter from before I visited regularly. Sadly this slightly skanky example of hyperboreus decided it liked being between me and the sun so there are no photos. Anyhow thats quite enough for today. Onward!

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