Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Rockin' Robin

I was supposed to be in the Moray Firth today. Supposed. So I worked half of last night and thus when my survey got cancelled I sacked it all off and got my twitching companion (my daughter Isabelle). She slept en route which was a bonus and we quickly arrived. It was raining when we arrived so I was glad when we were shepherded into the flats overlooking the doctors garden. Izzy managed free entry as she was under 5 (apparently). The no show of the bird was compensated by a roof over our head although I was a tad concerned by the cannabis fumes escaping under one of the doors on the top floor.

When Izzy got tired and started creating we retired to the playground. Returning we tripped over the bird and I managed to fire off a couple of shots before my daughter decided to head off in the birds direction. EEek. Thankfully I coaxed her back before she flushed the bird. Over the next 15 minutes the bird showed on and off around the inner bowling green and the road adjacent and viewing was good when my child wasnt trying to charge the birdie she was celebrating seeing loudly. Doh! I hope we didnt upset too many and apologise to anyone we did inconvenience. The bird wasnt much bothered. We quickly headed off and returned to East Yorkshire armed with more sweets and fruitshoots than you can chuck a stick at.

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Robyn Kadis said...

We have been following this event with some mirth down here in South Africa. We think it's very funny to see all the standing on ladders, vans and even each others heads to look at this poor little bird. Glad you managed to get into a flat, and we find it even funnier that you have to pay people to use their property/ladder to see the bird. Now thats dedication to your hobby!

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