Thursday, 7 January 2010

Winter Sun

The family have decided to get away from it all this January for some winter sun. Somehow - and dont ask how - I have managed to con(vince) her to go to Boat of Garten to explore the highlands in winter. Rather unfortunately 5 foot of snow has fallen there since we booked in late november. Despite this we will plod on. The route has been somewhat amended with the journey taking two days with an overnight in dumfermline. No A1 as the Police have discouraged driving through the Borders and no A66 as it has been closed at Brough for about a week which means we have to trawl off along the M62 then M6 to Glasgow. All worthwhile im sure you will agree. Im going to hook up with Marcus (eBirder) to score some scottish spesh plus have a bash at some Eagles and Dolphins, all weather permitting. When we get back its gonna be a quick fortnight before a week in Spain - Belted Kingfisher and Greater Spotted Eagle are both on the cards as we go to press. Last couple of days have heralded Barn Owl, Buzzard and salt munching Skylark in some quite severe weather. -11 on the car thermometer the otherday outside Stamford Bridge and repeated freezes and Blizzards with snow depths getting on for a foot by Garrowby. Awesome.


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This is a beautiful picture! -Sarah

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How brains and birds become mutually exclusive