Thursday, 27 November 2008

What on Earth posessed me?

Why did I do it?? For my disertation I had chosen potentially the coldest experiment on the world. Regular sets of 2 hours sat on a freezing beach scoping waders. Inactivity & windchill. Fortunately the icy blasts have caused my subject Ringos push off and the whole thing has been transplanted to Teal on inland waters. Much warmer. And a hide.
Anywho my bumbling about on Barmston beach just after 8 on tuesday morning did produce a few birds of note. Some Blackbirds - looking like cold weatehr migrants from Scandinavia were feeding around the holiday camp. A Jack Snipe in off, single Purple Sandpiper on the collapsed road at the foot of the cliff and numerous Sanderling up and down the beach. Nothing of note offshore. A quick trip up to Flamborough saw the Hooded Crow west of Danes Dyke on the Bempton road. 257 for Yorkshire now but still 4 behind Mike and 5 behind Marcus. So close. May be headed back down to Lincs for the Steppe Shrike again on Sunday.
On Monday I had a trip out to see the Rough-legs at Pocklington - managed to get great close views of an adult female and 1 juv plus a couple of Red Kites, Common Buzzards and single Sprwak Merlin & Keza. Super raptor watching.

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