Monday, 10 November 2008

A Good Day

Had a bit of a mental twitchathon yesterday which left me falling asleep at my computer last night writing an essay. First stop was Bilsdale, 15 miles north of Helmsley. A cold walk up hill with Andy after bumping into him and his friend Dave. A two hour freezathon with everyone looking at the wrong feeder was enlivened by some tres bizarre birders and the gypsy king himself. All of a sudden the bird was in the farms front garden and bosh it was there for all to see. And boy did all want to see it. Despite the melee it was all very good humoured, like when the guy elbowed me and when i got pushed in a bush. All smiles. Thing is im a mild mannered 26 year old but next effing tosser to elbow me at a twitch is getting knocked out. Fact. It'll be some fat balding 45-50 year old prick anyhow. So theres the warning! ;)
A quick 90 minute jaunt to Filey ensued arriving just behind the red Kia which is the gypsy king mobile currently. The paddy white arse was over the cliff and then whoosh it was flitting round the holiday camp with many people in pursuit. 2 rares one morning. Just to top it off 3 Tundra Beans in a field up the way at Buckton made it a 4 lifer weekend feeding round a puddle with 6 y-fronts. Nice.

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