Saturday, 8 November 2008

One Steppe Beyond

Steppe Grey Shrike down to 2 feet. And no, i didnt chase it - used a crazy thing called fieldcraft. Unlike the stupid woman who walked towards the bird when it had flown away - its not like when it chose to feed it was distant. Got an unuploadable (decentish) pic. Was fecking freezing and blowing a gale. The bird was a very sandy grey mantled with a similar tone underneath. Was joined by john sadler for the trip. Nowt much else on site. A quick pop down to Donna Nook produced a Glonk with a Gammy Leg, a lifer for John. A single greenland Wheatear was on a post. A flock of very Twite like finches failed to let themselves get pinned down. Arse. As we were headed back too late to do owt about it a female Pied Wheatear came out at Reighton. Looks like tomorrow is gonna consist of a twitchathon with 2bard-xbill, canvasplac & the aforementioned wheatear. Hope i get 2 from 3.

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