Sunday, 11 May 2008

subbuteo and a hat-trick

Thats a Hobby to me and you. Or 2 of em. Thoughts turned to finding my own hawking falcons after yesterdays skor of the Red-foot. Local patched it and had a male & female aerial jousting at a great height over the pool hide followed by a later sighting up near the tower hide. A cuckoo that couldn't sing properly was a second site tick of the day for me, being very obvious and flying around the pool. Didnt see one last year and they are all over now! Also on the pool was a striking New Zealand Shoveller, a very pretty bird. Unfortunately it was getting involved with the local birds so lets hope it doesnt manage to pull one eh! Down at the pool I saw a male Garganey fly across the marsh and then a second bird was seen at distance in the haze preening also a drake. And that was the hat-trick, the third site tick of the day (Hobby, Cuckoo and Garganey). Year list marches onto 191. Site list is now on nelson. One arm, one eye, one bollock.

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