Monday, 5 May 2008

Adder nuff

A message from Mike (Skink1978 fom bf), had me scampering to Allerthorpe common to search for Adders. Had a corking couple of hours with a self found first in the form of a three inch baby snake. I thought there must be loads if I could find one before any real effort was put in. This was reinforced when we got onto the common proper as Mike found a super male snake actively hunting. It got a bit warm from then so the snakes were too active and the tins too hot and thus we saw no further adders but a few Common Lizards. I was very chuffed. Went up to Castle Howard after and had amazing views of three Black Terns over the grea lake. Gorgeous birds in full dress. Best bit was pointing them out to a couple who were new to birdwatching and seeing there mouths drop. Fantastic.

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