Tuesday 26 May 2015

Pan-ic at the Disco

My pan-species listing malarkey has surged onwards to 816 species with many recent additions. Slow Worm is probably the most notable (not sure I can count heard only Natterjacks) but it has also included the rather cool Nomada marshamella Marsham's Nomad Bee and Cercopis vulnerata Black-and-red Froghopper. Here are a few photos of bits and pieces.

Black-and-red Froghopper Cercopis vulnerata

Alderfly Sialis sp.

Garden Tiger Moth caterpillar

Click Beetle sp.

Rhingia campestris

Glyphipteryx simpliciella
Marsham's Nomad Bee Nomada marshamella
Larinioides cornutus
Nomada sp. Nomad Bee

Slow Worm
Andrena sp.
Germander Speedwell

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