Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Bridled Joy!

I think every blog post about the Bridled Tern is going to be called something similar so here is my attempt. I bit the bullet last night and book on the Serenity for the 06.30 sailing with Andrew Douglas. Aware that an earlier boat was going I arrived at Seahouses to see them leaving. News filtered through quickly that the bird was still present and before I knew it I was on the causeway of Inner Farne looking at the awesome pelagic wanderer that has entertained over the last couple of days. I managed to squeeze off a few shots before the bird left, presumably to fish, at 07.10.

Not a great variety of postures but it sat on this rock for 20 minutes before leaving, occasionally preening or looking round. Before long we were back at Seahouses and I was away to work.

I managed a brief video here:

As always - best in HD

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