Sunday, 28 April 2013

Radio Silence

Apologies for the relative radio silence recently. The primary reason has been the computer had an epi-fit and decided it only wanted to be able to use the characters on the keyboard that arent in my password. Useful... Today it finally succombed to the airing cupboard treatment and decided that spring was worth enjoying at home and not at PC World or other some such. The other reasons for my lack of posting has been I am mega busy with work and so things like Baikal Teal, Iberian Chiffchaff and most frustratingly Rock Thrush have passed me by. I have managed a few decent birds though in Scotland with work although they will only get a passing mention going forward due to it being work etc.

In the garden things are looking up - I came home to the blossom on the hedge, a whole 3 weeks late and containing between 3 & 5 Blackcaps. Score. I have also heard my first Willow Warbler but aside from that and a few Swallows and Wheatears as mentioned in the last post I am devoid of migrants. Maybe going birding may help. Also finally a few inverts in the garden with Bumblebees in the forms of Bombus terrestris, lapidarious & hypnorum the latter a new one for the garden but expected after seeing them all over last summer. Also a couple of commoner woodlice with Common Pill Woodlouse Armadillidum vulgare and Common Shiny Woodlouse Oniscus asellus. All in all a slow start to the spring but hopefully it will get going properly over the next fortnight.

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