Wednesday, 10 April 2013

New Places

I am halfway through my first week working in Newcastle and it has been pretty mental to be honest. Obviously a huge upheaval but I am loving it nonetheless. At the moment I am stopping in a transport hotel on the outskirts which is pretty shabby but it isn't costing the earth so I can cope until I manage to get something a little more permanent for my Monday to Fridays. It looks like next week I am going to be on site and it may well be snowy in the hills.

Bird wise I have obviously had limited opportunity to get out but I have started my Northumbrian list with aplomb and it now stands at 60 with such crackers as Lesser Grey Shrike and Rough-legged Buzzard sharing a rather spartan domain with my best this week, a Willow Tit at Big Waters. In fact I have been at Big Waters the last two evenings and added plenty of common stuff and watched transfixed as Treecreeper fed within a couple of feet of me at waist height.

On Friday I am hopeful of adding some upland birds but you can never count your chickens so it will be interesting to get out and about.


northernloon said...

Some goodies already. Glad you are enjoying it

James said...

I should have made clear that the shrike and rough-leg were from the dim and distant past (2008 & 2004 respectively).

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