Monday, 10 December 2012

Foot IT update

Just a quick update to say that I have added the Foot It blog to the sidebar. I have also posted my first post on their with a quick summary of what is within walking distance of my door. Like this:

I was wondering whether yesterdays Waxwings were still around the Nethergate level crossing as there are plenty of berries in the area but alas just this Goldcrest plus a dozen Fieldfare, a hundred or so Redwing and species number 59 of my foot it dry run - a spanking Kingfisher which was roosting in a Hawthorn until I unwittingly disturbed it.

Yesterday I went to Filey hoping to score King Eider whilst having a family walk. Sadly I failed but a distant Great Northern Diver was pretty decent fare. Only on getting home did I hear about the potential Black Scoter but to me it looks like a Common Scoter with an odd bill in the video.

The rest of the week I am on boats in the North Sea (away tonight and back on friday) so maybe no updates for a few days but then perhaps I will get some material for a decent catch up. A Little Auk photo would suffice. Or Bruunich's.

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