Friday, 28 September 2012

Some Stuff

Photos of some birds I have seen this month. Other bits included adult Sabine's Gull, Leach's Petrel, hundreds of skuas including 5 Long-tailed Skua, 5 White-beaked Dolphins and Manx & Sooty Shearwaters in abundance.

Long-tailed Skua
Long-tailed Skua
Intermediate Morph adult Arctic Skua
In the field I thought Pom but this shot made it much clearer.
Today I have been Vismigging at Barmston for 90 minutes from 8.30 until 10am. Best of the lot was 31 Pintail north. Also House Martins were moving south in number. I imagine Spurn will have a big count today.

Meadow Pipit 48
House Martin 128
Swallow 24
Skylark 1
Goldfinch 17
Linnet 1
Pied Wagtail 1
Greenfinch 3
Tree Sparrow 3

Reed Bunting 4
Goldfinch 23
House Martin 1
Pintail 31

I also did my final WeBS low tide counts and it was pretty steady although there were big numbers of Turnstone and Lapwing on one of the sectors plus a Grey Heron that managed to get recorded on two sectors. Aside from that nada of interest. Out tomorrow for a bit but unsure what to do due to westerlies.

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