Sunday, 15 July 2012

The Winner Takes It All

Or in my case a Birding Frontiers memory stick. I forgot to blog that I managed to win the Birding Frontiers competition a little while back successfully guessing that the animal rotivator was a wild boar and the lifer for the frontiers team in Hungarian woods was a White-backed Woodpecker. It was a popular answer so I was fortunate that I got in there first. Many thanks to Martin and his team over at Birding Frontiers for the memory stick. I have had a good perusal and it contains some corking ID work and puzzles ranging across the spectrum of species a WP birder will encounter. The articles are updates and workings of those that have appeared in publication or on the website with opinions and correspondence all together to give the reader an insight into whats really going on with some difficult birds and interesting challenges.

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