Saturday, 28 July 2012

Done & Dusted

I finished up in Norfolk on Monday and we had a few excellent days weather with heat stroke being a danger best avoided. I am now the owner of a cracking tan! Birdwise it was steady but a handful of Arctic Skuas were quality fare. We tried to get a decent shot of this dark morph but the boat was so unsteady that it was impossible whilst moving.

We also had a Blue-tailed Damselfly alight briefly whilst we were stationary. Another crap photo I am afraid.

Common Terns were plentiful around the harbour with this guy showing nicely as we came in.

We had a few passage birds this week over the house with 9 Whimbrel and 9 Crossbills but we were short on the raptor side of things. A 1st summer Yellow-legged Gull greeted us on one day as we returned to the harbour. In the garden I found some Colletes bees on the Ox-eye daisies. Also included below is a Scorpion Fly and a really cool parasitic wasp Gasteruption sp.

This week I did my low tide counts around the Humber and managed a few Common Terns as well as some Broad-bodied Chasers. Not a lot on the wader side of things with Curlew and Lapwing being the most exciting. Not even a med gull.

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