Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Vicarious liability for Raptor persecution in England

Serious message today folks. Gamekeepers suppress raptor numbers but do so to keep their jobs. Those that pay their wages should be held to account so that the pressure is to conform to legislation and not history. Which is what our birds of prey, especially those in upland areas, may become. Please sign the e-petition to get this debated in parliment.

Scotland, recognising that those who persecute birds of prey frequently do so at the direction of their employers or others with vested interests, has introduced an offence of vicarious liability, the purpose of which is to bring those parties to justice. This petition calls on the government to introduce an offence of vicarious liability to bring to justice those who direct or turn a blind eye to raptor persecution in England. As an indication of how bad thing are, in the last year only four pairs of hen harriers successfully reared chicks in England, fourteen peregrine falcon territories failed on grouse moors in Lancs forest of Bowland, and only one successful goshawk nest was recorded in the Derwent Valley, Derbyshire. Current legislation is not enough to deter those who break the law and destroy our heritage; the introduction of vicarious liability would hit those directing the slaughter.


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