Monday, 24 January 2011

Help Me!!

Hi to those that have viewed the blog since new year! Back in the Fatbirder Top1000 after their virus 'issue' and shot up to my former ranking of just about 500ish but I seem to be getting loads of hits. With all these new views I was wondering if you guys can help me.

I edit my photos on Picasa (in the process of getting photoshop) using a crappy old laptop. At work today I had a look at the blog and noticed that the pictures seemed overdark and under-exposed. Which of my monitors is rubbish? My gut feeling is that its the laptop and would appreciate any feedback. The most noticeable for me was the underwing on the 1st winter GBBG in the previous post. Fine on this monitor but too dark to see any detail at work.

I am going to North Killingholme tomorrow and then Scotland again on Wednesday followed by Killingholme (again) on Monday, so if I dont have time to post I shoud hopefully get some material - even if it is just more pictures of large gulls following our boat on the Moray Firth.


Michael Flowers said...

I can see detail on the underwing on my laptop & I reckon it would be even better on my pc if I could get it working again. Seems to be a remarkable improvement in picture quality recently ;-)

Phil Slade said...

I've never used Picasa to play around with pictures but photoshop is good and my pics don't seem to vary by my wife's laptop or my PC

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