Sunday, 22 August 2010

Urban Birding

Blogger seems to have gone nuts and messed around with my photos. We shall however persevere. Just got back from London where Ring-necked Parakeet was finally added to my British List. Also rans included a Hobby in Sunbury Park, Common Tern on the Thames and some screechy Jays. Much more fun was a day at Legoland followed by another at Hampton Court. West London fringes are quite pleasant despite the invading Psittaformes.

The return was punctuated by a brief stop at the Birdfair which was curtailed by my daughter becoming increasingly fractious. We did however get a super print of a Spatuletail. My wife was frighteningly engaged and ready to part with her money. Always a good sign. Whilst I was away the Semi-P has turned up again - now at Alkborough Flats whilst tonight a Sharp-tailed Sandpiper has been bird-spotted at Pat Haven where we do our winter counts.


Phil Slade said...

A wife ready to part with money at a Bird Fair? Hope you bagged a new scope or equivalent. Since when was a Hobby an also ran? Can't get enough of them over here.

James said...

Sadly she didnt seem to want to leave the art tent and wrote optics off as boring? How does that work?

James said...

as for the Hobby disregard the alsoran comment - i seriously love them. It was the brainless workings of a jaded man.

James said...

Ward Jackson Park up in Hartlepool is normally a good bet for Parakeets and ties in with a seawatch and migrant search at Headland too.

James said...

Hi James - thanks for the comment (although its going to look like a conersation with myself on the blog). I havent tried Hartlepool headland although I hear its cracking during the autumn. I had heard about the parakeets there but refused to twitch them (or the London birds)until an essential visit happens.

P.S. The lack of parakeet pics is due to me leaving the memory card plugged into the computer

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